Login via Windows Authentication

Apart from the normal login with the Across user name, the login to crossTerm Web can also take place via the Windows user account in the Windows Active Directory. Thus, manual login is no longer necessary, as the user is authenticated via the Windows user administration. For this, the crossTerm Web Server must be in the same domain as the Across Server. In addition, you will learn how to create users.

To log in to crossTerm Web via the Windows authentication, select the Windows authentication (without entering your user name and password) in the crossTerm Web login screen and click Login.

Subsequently, a dialog window may open up in which you can enter the Windows user name and the associated password. Enter your details and confirm them with OK. Subsequently, you will be logged in to crossTerm Web.

When using the Internet Explorer, the option Enable Integrated Windows Authentication must be activated in the advanced settings (Tools > Internet Options > Advanced).

To log in to crossTerm Web with Windows authentication, the Windows user for whom Windows authentication is configured in Across must currently be logged on to Windows.

Login via Windows Active Directory

In addition to normal Across users, members of groups from Windows Active Directory can also be granted access to the crossTerm Web. In this way, even people with no Across account can use crossTerm Web.

In the properties of the user groups crossTerm Web read/write access and crossTerm Web read-only access, the desired Windows Active Directory groups can be determined in the AD groups tab. The members of the selected AD groups automatically have the rights for the access to crossTerm Web of the respective crossTerm Web user group.

Members of an AD group who have access to crossTerm Web merely need to select the Windows authentication type in order to log in to crossTerm Web. They do not need to enter a user name and password.

Furthermore, crossTerm Web can be configured in such a way that the login dialog is skipped if the Windows authentication is used for the login.


The access of members of AD groups to crossTerm Web requires an Across license with single sign-on.

For further information, please consult your contact at Across Systems GmbH.

General information on Across services is available at www.across.net/en/services/.

Members of AD groups with access to crossTerm Web that log in to the crossTerm Web and for which users already exist under the same name in Across will appear twice in Across (e.g. in filters of crossTerm Web): Once as Across users and once as members of the respective AD group. It is therefore recommended that members of AD groups that have already been created as users in Across always log on with the Across user data in the suggestion module.