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Successfully Translating Marketing Content


No matter whether the product design, pricing, distribution, or campaigns are concerned, it is vital for the marketing to speak the language of the respective customers. Languages fulfill important comprehension and identification functions, which in turn have a key impact on the customer, investor, partner, or employee experience. To gain the trust of the customers, the texts should be free of spelling and grammar errors and be easy to understand and consistent in their wording.

Which Marketing Texts Should Be Translated?

  • Product and company descriptions, offers
  • Websites, landing pages, news, and product announcements
  • Texts, images, and multimedia content for the web shop and marketplaces
  • Advisor content, e-books, blog posts, customer magazines, newsletters with links
  • Customer feedback and ratings as the basis for improvement and recommendation marketing
  • Financial reports
  • Posts in social networks

Mastering the Challenges of Marketing Translations with a TMS

The deployment of translation management software is recommended in order to enable marketing managers in enterprises that operate on an international scale to master their multi-faceted duties.

The TMS is a centralized platform for creating, delegating, and finishing translation orders. It represents the link between the customer, translation service providers, freelance translators, terminologists, reviewers, and correctors.

Its central components are a customer-specific translation memory, a terminology database, and a translation tool. Moreover, a TMS provides translation and quality management functions.

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  • about the challenges associated with the translation of marketing content
  • how you can customize international web content for the target market
  • about the differences between translation, localization, and transcreation
  • why marketing texts should not be machine-translated
  • what a translation management system is and what benefits it offers for the translation of marketing content