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How to be Successful in E-Commerce

with the Right Translation

Internationalism Means More Than Just English

International sales are considered one of the key growth factors. A third of the online retailers surveyed by Pitney Bowes for the "Global Ecommerce Study 2017" share this view. However, the entry to a foreign market will only be successful if undertaken within the framework of a coherent overall strategy, which also comprises the creation of a positive shopping experience along the entire customer journey.

For search engines to be able to return relevant hits, online content must be available in the respective language. This is true of product descriptions, item texts, category texts, multimedia content for shops and marketplaces as well as corporate websites, landing pages, blogs, short news and announcements, advisor contents, e-books, customer feedback, and ratings.

To make sure everything important is taken into consideration, localization should be a fixed element of the internationalization strategy. This comprises the management of numerous individual aspects such as the billing, logistics, an individual customer approach, and localization—from the brand check to the linguistic localization. The latter describes the adaptation of content to the language and cultural situation in a certain geographic or ethnically defined sales or usage area.

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Learn how to

  • leverage the benefits of a translation management system in the best way possible
  • automate your multilingual content creation in a meaningful way
  • optimize keywords with terminology management
  • influence the customer experience positively
  • successfully enter the international market