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Webinar Recordings

Would you like to see directly how the Across Language Server works? In our webinars, we will provide you with an initial glance into our product components.

The first webinar will present crossTerm Now, our additional component for easy terminology work. More videos will follow soon. If you do not want to wait, simply make a consulting appointment with our colleagues.

Across Language Server
The Basics

In the webinar, you will learn the basics of the Across Language Server: assigning translation jobs, handling the terminology database, using the translation memory, and automating the data exchange. The webinar language is German.

Go with the Flow
The New crossTerm Now

As of version 7 of the Across Language Server, we have also enriched crossTerm Now with some exciting new features. Learn how to map browser-based individual workflows and assign the individual steps to the users with the corresponding access rights.

Automated Translation Processes
with Drupal and Across

The CMS Drupal forms the basis for successful websites and platforms around marketing and e-commerce. For many companies a global reach is crucial, which automatically brings the topic of translation processes into focus. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the integration of Drupal and Across. The webinar language is German.

Youtube Playlists

Check out the new Across Quick Tutorials in our YouTube channel.

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