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Welcome to the Across Video Library!

Would you like to learn more about the Across Language Server? Did you miss a webinar, or would you like to watch one again? In the Video Library, you will find recordings on topics related to the world of translation and Across. Settle in, make yourself comfortable, and browse the wide range of informative videos on offer! 

Super Easy Localization of Webshops

Would you buy from a shop that is not in your language? Probably not. Learn in this webinar how to be ready for new markets fast and easy.

Across first-aid kit for you and your freelancers
Across Know-How for LSPs

Invite your freelancers to this webinar to provide them with knowledge that is useful in order to professionally collaborate with your Across Language Server. We explain how to overcome typical hurdles and how to keep calm during nail-biting projects.

The new quality management module – basics and beyond
Across Know-How for LSPs

Quality management doesn't have to be time consuming. With the new QM module v7 it is easier than ever to get the best out of your translations. We will cover all aspects of the new module from setting up the quality criteria to finalizing your corrections in crossDesk.

Essentials for efficiency – how to handle your customer's projects
Across Know-How for LSPs

Let us guide you through some best practices and show you step by step how to connect your Across Language Server to your customer's server and download your projects. Afterwards, we will explain how to manage your Across users and how to handle your translation tasks. Last but not least, we will upload the finished project to a Master server.

Streamlining your content development and translation processes

Join Author-it Software, a global leader in cloud-based component authoring, management and publishing solutions, and Across Systems, as we demonstrate how integrated content and translation solutions enable organizations to produce content faster and in higher quality while reducing costs.

Warm-up – Get the essential basics
Across Know-How for LSPs

With this new webinar series, we want to get language service providers up to speed with essential Across know-how. In the first webinar, we explain the structure of your Across Language Server. How does Across work and what makes it such a great tool?

Best Practices and Tips to customize MT for Technical Translation
with Systran and Across

Stéphanie Labroue and Loic René from Systran will present the practical application and adaptation of MT for companies.

Automated Translation Processes
with Drupal and Across

The CMS Drupal forms the basis for successful websites and platforms around marketing and e-commerce. For many companies a global reach is crucial, which automatically brings the topic of translation processes into focus. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the integration of Drupal and Across. The webinar language is German.

Go with the flow
The New crossTerm Now

As of version 7 of the Across Language Server, we have also enriched crossTerm Now with some exciting new features. Learn how to map browser-based individual workflows and assign the individual steps to the users with the corresponding access rights.

Across Language Server
The Basics

In the webinar, you will learn the basics of the Across Language Server: assigning translation jobs, handling the terminology database, using the translation memory, and automating the data exchange. The webinar language is German.

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