Across Language Server v6.3

Openness, networking, and growth for new collaboration possibilities

Secure Integration of Third-Party Systems in Your Across Workflows

crossConnect for External Editing enables the integration of third-party systems in your Across workflows, thereby expanding the eco-system of the Across Language Server with many interesting possibilities. For example, you can export tasks to machine translation or quality assurance systems or external correction processes and then re-import the results. The Across Language Server helps you to protect your corporate data from unauthorized processing, storage, and disclosure – throughout the entire supply chain. In this way, third-party systems that are necessary for the process can be integrated in a controlled manner, while complying with data security and compliance requirements.

Optimized Translation Environment

In close collaboration with our Translators' Advisory Board, we have implemented a number of new features designed to help translators to work even more efficiently. This includes filter and sorting functions as well as the numbering of paragraphs. A special highlight has been introduced for freelance translators who work with the new Across Translator Edition: Premium users can now use their own translation memories and terminology databases even when using the Offline Client.

myAcross – Across Translator Edition

Terminology Maintenance with Mass Operations

For the simplified maintenance of your terminology database, you can now select and modify multiple term and entry categories within an instance in one go. For example, you can easily add or delete subjects, relations, or project information.

Support for Additional Document Formats

  • MS Office 2016
  • PDF files (check-in, processing, check-out)
  • JSON files (software localization)
  • MIF 8-2015 files (support for RTL languages etc.)