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What Are Placeables and How Can I Use Them?

As of Across v6.3, you can easily protect your product and company names, item numbers, telephone numbers, and other recurring character strings in the translation process. The translator will only see protected character strings as placeables, which merely need to be inserted at the right position in the target text. Placeables are fields with different contents, which are displayed to the translator in the crossDesk translation environment (like tags).

Especially item numbers often cause problems in the translation process, e.g. because they are accidentally changed or auto-ad- justed or because they bother the translator with incorrect alarms during the QA checks. By using placeables, you can also prevent your company and product names from being misspelled and/or translated. A QM criterion checks whether the target paragraph contains just as many placeables as the source paragraph and alerts the translator in the event of a missing placeable.

Placeables can be used with virtually all document formats available in Across. The character strings to be protected can be entered in plain text or as regular expressions. The preparation can easily be done in the system settings.

How Does the Use of Placeables Affect My Costs and Reports?

All character strings and names that you protect as placeables with the help of this new feature will no longer be counted as words. For example, an Excel spreadsheet with product information may contain 11,000 words to be translated if placeables are not used, but only 6,000 words if placeables are used.

On the other hand, the use of placeables also affects your 100% matches. Across will automatically apply a penalty to passages that previously contained plain text, but now consist of a placeable. Usually, however, the saved words will compensate for the 100% matches that are initially missing.

As the content of the placeables is auto-adjusted by Across during the pre-translation, there is even more saving potential. For instance, consider instruction manuals in which merely the product names need to be replaced in many places.

How Does the Use of Placeables Affect My TM and My Translation Process?

In the long run, the use of placeables results in savings and quality improvements. The latter will become noticeable both in your translation memory and in your target documents (e.g. fewer number and consistency errors). In the best case, the use of placeables can even reduce the time to market, as correction loops get shorter.

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