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Additional Source Language as Reference

What Is the Additional Source Language as Reference?

One of the greatest challenges that translation and project managers are faced with is to ensure the quality of translations. But how can you find out whether a Chinese, Russian, or Turkish translation is correct?

The best way to ensure this is to cooperate with competent partners whom you trust. However, even such language experts might not always be familiar with all intricacies of your products.

For this reason, many companies have their translations reviewed by experts at their own local subsidiaries. Such specialists might not or not sufficiently know the source language (e.g. German). For example, the corporate language might be English, but the source text might have been written in German.

To support them, Across v6.3 introduced the possibility of having the source text displayed in an additional language (e.g. in English) in crossWeb.

How and Where Can I Use This Feature?

Wurde die jeweilige Übersetzung (z. B. Englisch) bereits zurückgeliefert und im crossTank gespeichert, kann sie als alternative Quellsprache in crossDesk Web angezeigt werden.

So fügen Sie die alternative Quellsprache hinzu:

  • Klicken Sie auf die Flaggen in der Symbolleiste der Context View.
  • Wählen Sie die alternative Quellsprache aus.

Subsequently, the alternative source language will be displayed as grayed out below the original source language.

What Are the Benefits of Using Additional Source Languages as Reference?

Due to the display of an additional source language as reference, the review becomes more precise and reliable, because it is made sure that the reviewers understand the source text. In this way, it is easier to locate any errors in the target text.

Translators and correctors can use the second source language as a basis for the work, for inspiration, or to get additional context information.

Was muss beim Einsatz von zusätzlichen Quellsprachen als Referenz beachtet werden?

  • The function is only available in crossDesk Web for translation, correction, and review tasks.
  • Before using the function, the text in the alternative source language should be reviewed. This is important in order to be sure that the information in the second source language is reliable.
  • The use of additional source languages as reference does not affect the reports or the project costs.
  • The use of additional source languages does not affect the translation memory or the translation process in general.
  • If the translation memory contains several 100% matches, only the most recent match will be displayed.
  • The alternative source text will not be refreshed automatically. This means that any new 100% matches will be displayed only after you reset the display, confirm the reset, and again select a language for alternative source-text display.
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