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The Across Language Server offers numerous options for aligning your translation processes with your individual requirements. For this purpose, Across professionals utilize the entire function scope and know many tricks to get the most out of the technology. Under the heading "Expert Features", our trainer team presents insider tips on functions and options for your translation processes.

Regular expressions (regex) for your quality management

Almost every document contains fixed character strings that are copied into the target language without translation. Regular expressions facilitate quality control in regard to these individual character strings. A typical example is no-break spaces in units or language-specific URLs. In addition to predefined general quality management criteria, you can also design custom criteria using regular expressions, referred to as regex checks, in order to save time, money, and improve the quality of your translations.

Expert Feature RegEx


Placeables are displayed to the translator in the translation environment like tags. Using placeables, you can easily protect your product and company names, item numbers, telephone numbers, and other recurring character strings from unwanted changes or spelling variants. In this way, you can save costs and improve the quality of your translations.

Expert Feature Placeables


Auto-packaging enables you to assign tasks speedily and without any errors to your language service providers. This means that you no longer need to create any crossGrid packages manually, assign your tasks, and subsequently package them. Instead of at least 17 clicks for creating a crossGrid package, a single click is all that is needed to achieve the same result.

Expert Feature Auto-Packaging

Translating Tracked Changes

When translating medical texts or international contracts, all parties always need to be aware of any changes. Across allows you to include tracked changes from your Word documents in the translation process. In this way, all changes and comments are visible to your translators and can be translated.

Expert Feature Tracked Changes

Structure Matches

Translators often need to know whether a segment is a heading, a warning, or a list item, as the translation might differ depending on where the text to be translated is actually located in the document. Structure attributes enable you to provide your translators with this kind of information, thereby reducing their translation workload.

Expert Feature Structure Matches

Additional Source Language as Reference

One of the greatest challenges that translation and project managers are faced with is to ensure the quality of translations. To support them, Across v6.3 introduced the possibility of having the source text displayed in an additional language in crossWeb.

Expert Feature Additional Source Language as Reference

Projects with Multiple Source Languages

In some departments of multilingual or highly internationalized enterprises, texts are composed in various languages. By supporting projects with multiple source languages, Across significantly reduces the project management overhead.

Expert Feature Projects with Multiple Source Languages

Projects with Multiple Workflows

Companies often compose texts for a particular product for various purposes. Depending on the purpose of the texts, different workflows may be necessary for the translation. For this reason, Across enables the use of several workflows in a single project.

Expert Feature Projects with Multiple Workflows

Connect Different MT Engines

A company might want to configure several machine translation (MT) engines and select the most suitable one depending on the language pair. In the Across Language Server, this function can easily be set up and used.

Expert Feature Connect Different MT Engines

How to Use crossTerm Instances Efficiently

With the help of the instances in Across, you can maintain and administer multiple terminology sets separately within the same database. For example, you can manage your corporate terminology, the glossary of a supplier company, the terminology of your subsidiary, and a subject-specific term repository alongside each other and search them.

Expert Feature crossTerm Instances

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