Blog post dated Sep 2, 2019

Enabling and Using the New Quality Management in Across

Criterion Additional options Enabling recommended
Spacing (checks for spaces between words) Check consecutive white spaces Yes
  Ignore if same sequence is used in source Yes
  Check tabs Yes
  Check bounding spaces (checks for white spaces at the beginning and end of segments) Yes
Data/time/numbers None Yes
Formatting Check formatting order No
  Warn if rich text formatting is used in target Yes
Identical segments (checks if segments in source and target text are identical) Ignore paragraphs with characters fewer than XX (10; if you wish, you can test what number of characters is appropriate)
Same source text – different translation text None Yes
Brackets None Yes
Leerer Empty target None Yes
Placeables* Check placeables order Yes
  Check placeables formatting Yes
Private use area characters** None No, if client does not use such characters
Spelling Ignore if same word is used in source Yes
  Ignore all-caps words Yes
  Ignore words with numbers Yes
End punctuation None Yes
Terminology Use stemming*** No
  Only consider released terms Yes, if client-specific terminology is important
  Only consider terms of the same relation as the current project Yes, if client-specific terminology is important
Display text bounds None No, if no display text is translated
Translation memory Check for ##NO_MATCH## placeholders Yes
  Check for unchanged fuzzy matches Yes
  Check for unused 100% matches Yes
Capitalization Warn about missing initial capitalization without taking the source into consideration Yes
Segment count None Yes
Different source test – same translation text None Yes
XML validity None Yes, if XML texts are translated