101 stories from the world of language and translation


What makes terminology management so crucial?

Clear communication, better quality, more legal certainty: business success with terminology management!

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Data protection and closed translation supply chains

Data protection and closed supply chains are critical to an efficient translation process. Find out how a clearly defined workflow and the use of secure technologies can help to protect your business from the risks associated with translation.

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Implement corporate language easily using software

Consistent internal and external communication strengthens brand identity and can also be important for legal reasons. Learn how to define your corporate language in a style guide and implement it throughout your organization.

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How can I implement translation management?

Effective translation management allows organizations to expand audiences, reduce costs, and maintain consistency across cultures. Read our article to find out more about how you can successfully implement a translation management system in your company.

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ChatGPT or DeepL: Which is better for translation?

ChatGPT vs. DeepL: The voice-based application has proven to be versatile, but the question is whether it is a real alternative to specialized MT systems such as DeepL or AcrossMT. Learn more about the strengths, weaknesses and differences between the two technologies.

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Three important factors in translation management

In this article we look how automation, security and transparency influence translation management.

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