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Optimize Your Translation Processes with TYPO3 and Across

Seamless integration of the Across Language Server in TYPO3
Automated exchange of translation data via XML
Low implementation overhead thanks to standardized interface

No More Copy and Paste

The TYPO3 Localization Manager is an extension for the professional translation management of TYPO3 websites: In TYPO3, simply select new or changed pages for translation into one or several target languages and send the content to the Across Language Server (automatically or manually). Upon completion of the translation, you can automatically import the translated content to TYPO3 and have it published.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung TYPO3
Schnittstelle Übersetzung TYPO3
Schnittstelle Übersetzung TYPO3

We are highly satisfied with the TYPO3 Localization Manager, and we use it for the translation management of our website in 14 languages. Every month, this solution saves us many hours of manual website maintenance work and cuts the time to market!

A medium-sized enterprise for medical technology

Cost and Time Savings Guaranteed

The TYPO3 Localization Manager knows what content is translatable, was previously translated, is suitable for reuse, or has been added or changed since the last translation. You can either have the entire content translated or limit the task to parts that have changed. For the translation, you can even use an existing translation as an alternative source language. In this way, you can control the project costs and the volume in the best way possible.

Localization-Friendly XML Exchange Format

The XML format used by the TYPO3 Localization Manager is a translation-optimized XML format. Using the configuration file that comes with the product, this format can easily be processed by the Across Language Server. Apart from the text to be translated, the XML format comprises useful meta information, e.g. a hyperlink to the original web page. Thus, the original web page can be displayed in the visual context during the translation process.

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