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Review in Perfect Layout – in the Browser

For most file formats (InDesign, Office, FrameMaker, ...)
Full process integration with Across
Flexible expansion on open-source basis

Automatic Changes in crossTank

For a final review by the marketing department or internal experts, companies are faced with this question: Do I want perfect layout control with all images and formats, which involves a substantial overhead for entering the changes in crossTank and controlling a PDF-based process? Or am I willing to sacrifice the layout for the sake of efficiency? translate5 visualReview enables both: review in the layout along with full process automation.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung translate5
Schnittstelle Übersetzung translate5

Perfect Layout – Working in the Browser

Your reviewers work in the browser, directly in the target language layout. Despite use of a browser and fully automated process integration with Across, the layout is fully identical with a PDF file created in the original application in 99 percent of the cases. The reviewers do not need any local Across installation.

Comprehensive Process Integration with Across

Your translation data flow automatically from Across to translate5 visualReview and back. If necessary, comments, attached documents, or segment length restrictions can also be transmitted.

Full Workflow Control by Across

translate5 visualReview is seamlessly integrated in Across as an Across workflow step. The reviewers are managed and assigned their tasks directly in Across. translate5 visualReview is automatically controlled on the basis of the Across settings. For each task, the reviewers receive an e-mail with a link that opens their task directly in the browser. Optionally, a task overview can be used in translate5.

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