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Cut Costs with Automatic Translation Workflows

SCHEMA ST4 and the Across LS have cooperated reliably since 2005
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Multilingual Documentation the Easy Way

SCHEMA ST4 makes complex documents easy to handle. By reusing existing translations, the content management system component reduces the translation overhead. Only changed content is submitted for translation. Even complex scenarios such as several languages in one document, text in images, right-to-left languages, regional language variants, several input languages among the users, etc. can easily be handled with SCHEMA ST4.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung SCHEMA ST4
Schnittstelle Übersetzung SCHEMA ST4

The optimum translation workflow begins with the creation of the source content. A professional content management component helps the author to write in such a way that translation overhead is minimized.

Klaus Kurre, translator, Across and ST4 trainer, SCHEMA Consulting GmbH

Translation Management Is Indispensable

Virtually all major enterprises export their products or are represented in various countries. This necessitates the production and maintenance of information in various languages, resulting in a much greater workload and complexity of the management tasks. SCHEMA ST4 offers a wide range of translation management functions that make your work easier and help you save time and costs.

Translate Only What Is Necessary

SCHEMA ST4 identifies content that has already been translated or that is currently being translated and does not extract it anew for translation. With a button click, the content that actually needs to be translated can be extracted in SCHEMA ST4. Filters can be applied to an unlimited number of documents or projects at the same time, without having to translate texts that occur several times repeatedly.

SCHEMA ST4 assists you in managing your content in a way that translation processes can be arranged effectively with Across.

Automated Interaction

SCHEMA ST4 has a direct standard connection to the Across Language Server. This means that the content to be translated is automatically transferred to a translation project and sent to the right translator depending on the configured workflow. The composition and transmission of translation tasks does not generate any manual overhead. The translation report in SCHEMA ST4 always shows you the latest status of the translation.

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