Across Interface

Plunet AcrossConnector

Seamless Translation Management with Plunet and Across

Standardized workflows in the entire project
Direct task assignment and transparent progress monitoring
More efficient, time-saving operations through automated process steps

Workflows Automation

Automate your workflows with the help of the seamless CAT interface between Plunet BusinessManager and the Across Language Server.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung Plunet AcrossConnector
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Plunet AcrossConnector

With a wide range of possible interfaces, both Plunet and Across play a key role in establishing interoperability in the translation industry. Thus, they have become the standard of choice for numerous enterprises.

Doris Langenberg, Product Manager CAT Interfaces

Business and Translation Process Management

At the process level, operational steps such as the text analysis, translation, quality assurance, and release interact with the administrative steps of pricing, quotation, order, and billing. Thus, all relevant translation and process data from Across are available in Plunet; conversely, project parameters stored in Plunet are integrated in the respective Across projects.

Two Systems – One Seamless Connection

Henceforth, translation projects can be exchanged seamlessly and efficiently between various Plunet and Across systems. This means more automation and less manual work. Projects need to be set up only once. With the help of Plunet, they can be centrally controlled via a single translation management system.

How Does the Dynamic CAT Integration Work?

For end customers: Projects can be set up, managed, and automatically forwarded to the Across Trusted Server of the language service provider.

For LSPs: Across projects can be imported directly to Plunet and be processed easily. Upon completion, Plunet automatically delivers the projects back to the end customer's Across Master Server.

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