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Automated Translation Management with Pimcore and Across

Seamless integration in Pimcore
Contiguous translation workflows
High-quality translations

Faster, easier, and better translations

Lazy and efficient: twocream integrates Across in Pimcore for a perfect translation workflow. Writers can operate in their accustomed Pimcore environment and manage translations with the famed Across benefits. Speed up your translation processes while improving the quality of your translations.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung Pimcore
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Pimcore
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Pimcore

Pimcore is a multiple award-winning open source platform that unifies product information management (PIM/MDM), content management (CMS/US), digital asset management (MAM/DAM), and e-commerce under a single user interface. The range of customers includes Audi, IKEA, GANT, Deutsche Bahn, Intersport, and many others. Across, one of the most powerful translation systems available on the market, has now been integrated in Pimcore.


Dreamteam: Pimcore and Across

As a Pimcore user, you have access to one of the most powerful platforms for data experience management and are able to supply your channels with high-quality, consistent information.

Now you can make use of the professional translation software in various complex applications for PIM (product information management), DAM (digital asset management), MDM (master data management), and CMS (content management).

The integration of Across opens the way to seamless processes along with maximum consistency of multilingual data. In this way, you can integrate all benefits of Across in Pimcore. Create and maintain text content in less time while boosting the quality of the content and saving money.

By connecting the Across translation workflow to Pimcore, you can create translation orders in Pimcore, automatically send them to Across, and then automatically return the translations from Across.

Technical Connection

The data are extracted and reentered in an asynchronous manner via XML. When setting up a translation order, the user enters a name, a description, a topic, and the project manager. Moreover, he or she determines the source language and the target language(s) for the translation. Dependencies with other translation orders can be created within Pimcore.

In the field of the translation objects, the data objects of Pimcore are linked in the translation order. XML definitions are created under consideration of the data objects in Pimcore. Within these definitions, it is possible to define various text types (headline, subline, copy, list, etc.). Subsequently, these XMLs are linked to a translation order and collectively sent to Across.

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