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Perfect Translation of Your Product Content with OMN and Across

Easy delegation of translation content for your channels and languages
Quality-assured, system-based translation with human touch
Time and cost benefits through reuse of translations

Translations the Easy Way

Globalization requires more than merely "English". Country-specific product information is required, as 80 percent of the world population do not speak English. Go international with the help of Online Media Net (OMN) and Across. With OMN, the leading system for omnichannel marketing, you can duly serve your global sales channels in a localized, automated, and perfect manner thanks to the smart combination of machine and human translation.

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80 percent of the world population do not speak English. Today, multilingual product information and country-oriented images are indispensable for international launches or expansion. OMN enables you to deliver globally unlimited, seamless customer experience.

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Avoid Embarrassing Translation Errors

Speed is a must in the international arena. Nevertheless, quality cannot be sacrificed. Our system enables you to make use of machine translation as well as professional translations by external agencies. In this way, you can achieve a high level of automation as well as high-quality, country-adequate product and marketing information. The reuse of translations and integrated terminology help you to save time and costs.

Centralize Your Translation Management

As a central hub, OMN unifies all your data at one source: your product master data, image material, and advertising texts. You can manage and edit your translations for your shop, catalog, or other channels directly from within OMN. Integrated workflows guarantee transparent, traceable processes, ensuring that only duly released translations are delivered to the markets. OMN serves as your "single source of language truth".

OMN is a tried and tested system that reduces the time to market—not only during the implementation phase. Thanks to the intuitive use, you will feel comfortable with OMN and get started with your international activities in no time.

Opt for a Sustainable System

OMN is subject to continual development under consideration of the market needs. Through systematic further development on the basis of future-oriented market needs, apollon sets trends and standards in omnichannel commerce. In this way, we make sure that our solution remains future-proof and deliver investment security for your international maneuver.

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