Across Interface


Efficient, Brand-Compliant Localization of Communication Media

Production-proof WYSIWYG editing and efficient review workflows
Easy use via the browser – no software installation required
Fully CD-compliant work via configurable rule sets

Efficient and Fully Brand-Compliant

Easy, efficient adjustment of communication media (print and digital) to the various requirements of markets, languages, media/channels, products, etc. Benefit from highly efficient production processes through intuitive handling and automated workflows with shorter time to market; run more campaigns and generate more communication media with the same budget and without sacrificing the quality.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung one2edit
Schnittstelle Übersetzung one2edit
Schnittstelle Übersetzung one2edit

It is getting more and more difficult to ensure efficient, consistent communication across all brand touch points. We are faced with more data and content, more formats, more media and channels, and less personnel and time.


Last-Minute Design Changes? No Problem!

During the hot phase, layout and content changes in the master document can easily be passed on to all language versions, including variants already translated. Commence with the translation even before the design is finalized and save valuable time with the help of the inheritance mechanism in one2edit™.

Exchange of Translation Memory Data

Seamless exchange and perfect interaction with Across. The exchange of text segments enables consistent data in Across. Changes in the translation process can be updated in the Across translation memory. Focus: Full control of the design and content in all adaptation/localization tasks. Seamless, efficient E2E processes with role-based permissions and adapted function scope.

100% InDesign – No Conversion Losses!

Genuine WYSIWYG editing of real InDesign documents in the web browser. Produce high-quality marketing material without sacrificing the design integrity and without investing in expensive software and training.

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