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Seamless Solution for Multilingual Content Creation

Seamless translation processes
Contiguous translation workflows
Authoring assistance with crossTank and crossTerm

Initial Situation

The translation of catalogs, manuals, or websites requires functional skills as well as language expertise. After all, the correctness of information and description is not the only issue that companies need to pay attention to. Uniform terminology is another vital aspect for a professional external image and the avoidance of misunderstandings.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung Noxum Publishing Studio
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Noxum Publishing Studio
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Noxum Publishing Studio

The Noxum Publishing Studio is an XML-based editorial and PIM system for entering, managing, and publishing complex contents and product information in multiple languages in various media.

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Seamless Translation Processes

The bidirectional interface between the Across Language Server and the Noxum Publishing Studio enables the automated exchange of data for translation projects. Thanks to the integrated solution, the user can automatically or manually trigger translation tasks directly in the Noxum Publishing Studio. The automatic export via the Noxum Across Connector is defined according to the text volume, status change (e.g. if the source text is changed), or time schedule.

Authoring Assistance with crossTank and crossTerm

The purpose of translation-oriented authoring of the source text is to use wording for which translations already exist, wherever this is possible. Furthermore, writers are encouraged to stick to approved corporate terminology. Thanks to the integration of the crossAuthor module in Noxum Publishing Studio, authors can access the translation memory and the terminology system of the Across Language Server directly from their accustomed work environment.

The XML editor in the Noxum Publishing Studio directly shows the author all context-relevant wording and terms that already exist in Across.


The seamless connection between the Noxum Publishing Studio and the Across Language Server ensures contiguous processes with reduced flow times and maximum consistency of the multilingual data. This makes it possible to deliver multilingual product information and technical descriptions in less time, with a higher quality, and at lower costs.

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