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myview TranslationManager

Content in Plain Sight with the myview TranslationManager and Across

Seamless integration of the Across Language Server in myview Xmedia
Full transparency thanks to project manager interface
No additional implementation overhead thanks to standard interface

Cost Reduction and Transparency

With the myview TranslationManager, your texts are always in plain sight! Translation-relevant data can be bundled as translation projects in a flexible manner. The myview TranslationManager offers a project management interface for transmission of all translation data to the LSP without any redundancies. The data can be transmitted directly to the Across Language Server via a standard interface without any implementation overhead.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung myview TranslationManager
Schnittstelle Übersetzung myview TranslationManager

The communication of your product ranges in international target markets requires a strong management component in order to keep an eye on your texts. In this area, the integration of the Across Language Server represents a perfect solution.


Efficiency through Maximum Flexibility

You can determine which texts need to be translated. Translation projects that comprise the texts required for a specific publication can be compiled via a clearly structured management interface. Individual language combinations can be created and managed. Even multi-tiered translation chains can be implemented. This ensures maximum flexibility for the distribution of translation tasks.

Closed Process Chains through Automation

Translation tasks are automatically transmitted to the Across Language Server and back. Changes in the texts on the source system can be detected automatically by means of scheduled jobs and be planned as translation tasks. The translator works in his accustomed system environment. This ensures a smooth flow from the text creation to the delivery of the requested translations.

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