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Automate Your Workflows with Magnolia CMS and Across

Create new translation jobs directly in Magnolia CMS
Magnolia page editor and content app integration
Reduce translation costs

Quick and Easy Translation

In the past, it was often necessary to copy and paste translations line by line. With our interface, you can create translation jobs with a few clicks directly in the Magnolia page editor. You can add key information for your task directly in a form and even append reference documents. Once the translations are finished, the data are reinserted automatically. All you need to do is publish them.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung Magnolia

Time to Market sowie die Kommunikation und Dokumentation der innovativen Lösungen in den Sprachen der Kundschaft sind entscheidende Erfolgsfaktoren. Nur mit Hilfe eines automatisierten Übersetzungsprozesses sind wir in der Lage diese Kundenanforderungen zu erfüllen.


Ease of Use via the Magnolia CMS Editor

A simple click on a page enables the launch of a new translation process in the page editor or another content app. You can translate individual pages with or without subpages or entire content nodes. After a process has been started, the contacts are additionally informed by e-mail. The same applies when a task is re-imported to Magnolia CMS. The editing staff does not need to be able to access Across and can always see the status.

Easy Installation and Configuration

The installation in Magnolia CMS proceeds just like that of any other Magnolia CMS module. Following the installation, the path to the watch folder needs to be configured, and the languages in Magnolia need to be mapped to the LCIDs in Across. Subsequently, you can add further content apps and supplement them with a Magnolia action in order to have these contents translated as well.

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