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FirstSpirit CMS

Easy Translation Management with the FirstSpirit TranslationStudio

Simple handling via FirstSpirit CMS
Simple installation and configuration
Optimum integration in existing editorial processes

Fast Rollout of Web Projects

Using the TranslationStudio, individual pages or entire projects from FirstSpirit can be submitted for translation and then be imported. This facilitates and accelerates the rollout of projects for additional country or language variants via FirstSpirit.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung FirstSpirit CMS
Schnittstelle Übersetzung FirstSpirit CMS

Instead of having to adapt your processes to the TranslationStudio, we want the TranslationStudio to integrate seamlessly in your process. For this reason, we support you in the planning, integration, and expansion as well as in the preparation of a proof of concept.

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Easy Handling via the FirstSpirit CMS

A simple workflow enables the initiation of a translation in the ContentCreator or SiteArchitect. Individual pages or entire folders including the pages or data records they contain can be submitted for translation.

Installation and Configuration via ServerManager

The installation of the TranslationStudio Backend Application is explained step by step in the installation guide. Numerous figures and notes provide additional guidance. The FirstSpirit module can be installed easily via the ServerManager. Within a project, virtually all tasks are handled by an installation script.

With the TranslationStudio, editors can easily select the content to be translated in the FirstSpirit editorial system, submit it for translation, and then import it.

Easy Integration in Editorial Processes

Within the ContentCreator or SiteArchitect, the use of the TranslationStudio can be integrated in complex workflows, or the use can be restricted with permissions. Various areas can be prefilled with the target language, the translation memory system to be used, and its projects. Following the successful import of the translation, it is possible to define workflows that are to be started automatically.

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