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Translations the Easy Way with Across and eggheads

Reduce costs by reusing previously translated text segments
Improve your quality through preview-based translation
Flexibilize your translation processes

Speed up

In the global arena, the translation of product data plays a key role. It is not possible to stand up to the competitive pressure without delivering product content to the target market on time and in the needed quality. Speed up your translation processes with the eggheads Suite and the interface to the Across Language Server for enhanced translation speed and quality.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung eggheads Suite
Schnittstelle Übersetzung eggheads Suite
Schnittstelle Übersetzung eggheads Suite

It is difficult to sell products without attractive content in the right language. Always be one step ahead of your global competitors by combining translation management and product information to optimize your product data.


Save Time and Money with Text Segment Translations

Translation-relevant texts are divided into individual text segments. The translations of the individual segments are stored by the Across Language Server and can be reused for identical segments in other texts. With this automated process and by storing and reusing text segments, you can save a lot of time and costs, as the amount of text that needs to be translated by your agency is reduced.

Ensure High-Quality Translations

While translating text segments, matching or similar translations are proposed. A match rate shows you to what extent the translation corresponds to the source segment. With the preview option, you can see your product with the translated text segment. This will help you to produce a more precise, higher-quality translation.

Save costs by not having every text segment translated anew. Combine the Across Language Server with eggheads Suite for an efficient translation workflow.

Customize Your Translation Process

The eggheads Suite gives you various options for translation processes. Text segments can be translated automatically in the system. The eggheads Suite also supports manual translations using proposals. To connect translation agencies, translation jobs can be exported in XLIFF or Excel format or via the interface and subsequently be re-imported.

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