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Editorial System TIM

Optimize Your Translation Process with TIM and Across

Full integration of the editorial system TIM and the Across Language Server
Efficient translation projects through transparent translation processes
Plug-n-play thanks to standard connector between the two systems

Shorter Time to Market

International digital product communication is a key success factor for enterprises that sell their innovative products and solutions around the globe. To facilitate the management of multilingual translation projects, Fischer Information Technology AG has built a bridge between the editorial system TIM and the Across Language Server (ALS). It integrates the two systems and ensures seamless, transparent translation processes and efficient translation projects.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung Editorial System TIM
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Editorial System TIM
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Editorial System TIM

Through the full integration of our editorial system TIM with the Across Language Server (ALS), we continually save work, time, and cost for our translations.

Fischer Information Technology

Successful in the Global Business

Your business success increasingly depends on how you roll out your globalization strategy in your daily work. By seamlessly connecting the Across Language Server to the editorial system TIM, you will be in full control of your multilingual product communication. You will be able to translate efficiently and save valuable time.

Standard Connector – Bridge between Two Systems

Technical information can be translated just as easily as product information. The standard connector easily and reliably connects the editorial system TIM and the product information management TIM PDO to the ALS. Once you are connected, you are ready to start your first multilingual translation project: Select the needed languages, configure the translation workflow (job assignment, timing), add comments, and go!

The seamless translation process is automated and flows smoothly in both directions. The translated content can thus be easily located in TIM.

Transparent Translation Processes

The interface connecting the two systems ensures a smooth workflow in the translation project. After the translation, the data are directly and automatically stored in TIM and are thus immediately available for use in the globalized product communication. Your benefit: The entire translation project always remains transparent, making sure that you are in control.

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