Across Interface


From the Editorial Office to Translation

Create translation jobs with a few mouse clicks and submit them directly
Users can always track the status of the translation projects
No more error-prone handling of ZIP files

Hassle-Free Translations

Technical editors create texts in their respective languages in the editorial system COSIMA go!, i.e. the focus is on the content alone. Translations are often needed in more than 30 languages. This work is done by professional translators. The steps in between take place in a rule-based manner. Thanks to smart systems, the people can concentrate on what really matters: to deliver comprehensible technical documentation content in all languages.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung DOCUFY COSIMA go!
Schnittstelle Übersetzung DOCUFY COSIMA go!
Schnittstelle Übersetzung DOCUFY COSIMA go!

Without a modular CMS, automatic PDF layouting, and the interface to translation management, we in the technical documentation department would have been unable to keep pace with the proliferation of our products and new target languages!


Start Translations in No Time

In the field of technical documentation, the shortage of time is a daily challenge. Work is done on the documentation content until the last minute (and beyond). At the same time, the technical documentation must be available in all languages by the time the production is launched. Usually, little time is left for the translation. The interface between the editorial system COSIMA go! and Across minimizes the workload for creating the translation jobs.

Always Well-Informed

Thanks to the interface between COSIMA go! and Across, COSIMA continually informs the technical editor of the progress of the translation. The translation progress is continually synchronized. Thus, the COSIMA go! user is always kept up to date in his accustomed work environment and can take action at an early stage if delays should occur.

No Order without an Offer

Before technical documentation content is actually translated, an offer is often first obtained for cost analysis purposes. This can easily be done with the interface between COSIMA go! and Across. If the offer is accepted, a few clicks are all that is needed to transform the inquiry into an order for a translation.

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