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DeepL’s Neural Machine Translation in Across

Easily integrate the world’s best-quality machine translation
Increase productivity, reduce costs, maximize output
Ensure privacy with the world’s highest data protection standards

The Best in Machine Translation

The DeepL Pro interface connects the Across Language Server to DeepL’s neural machine translation technology. This allows users to easily integrate the world’s best machine translations and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their texts and translations are always encrypted and never stored. The combination of DeepL’s and Across’ technologies provides professionals with a powerful tool to handle their work more quickly and effectively.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung DeepL
Schnittstelle Übersetzung DeepL
Schnittstelle Übersetzung DeepL

DeepL provides the speed and accuracy to handle complex, high-level content and allows us to pursue our mission to make research available to a global audience.

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World-Leading Neural Machine Translation

By applying the latest insights from the fields of deep learning and neural networks, DeepL has set records for translation quality and has become a world leader in neural machine translation. DeepL Pro is designed with corporations and professionals in mind; large volumes of texts can be translated quickly and accurately, minimizing obstacles to communication and commerce.

Excellent Data Security

DeepL guarantees that DeepL Pro subscribers’ texts are never stored for any purpose. Furthermore, all texts sent to the DeepL server from the Across Language Server, as well as the translations returned, are fully encrypted and inaccessible to third parties. This means that professional confidentiality and client privacy are assured at all times.

Increased Speed and Productivity

The speed and accuracy of DeepL’s translations greatly reduces the time needed to produce coherent texts. With technology handling the bulk of creating a text in a foreign language, professionals can focus on using their unique expertise to add the finishing touches.


Note: Across supports all DeepL languages. Russian and Portuguese are supported as of v6.3.

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