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COTI-Enabled Third-Party Systems

Connecting the Across Language Server to COTI-Enabled Third-Party Systems

Support of the COTI interface of DERCOM e.V.
Standardized connection to editorial and content management systems
Riskless, speedy implementation

COTI: Easy and Standardized

To harmonize and standardize the interface between the data creation and the data translation, the Association of German Manufacturers of Authoring and Content Management Systems (DERCOM e.V.) has developed a specification (COTI) for the data exchange between the systems involved. The Across Language Server supports levels 2 and 3 of this specification with the crossConnect for COTI interface.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung COTI-Enabled Third-Party Systems

COTI is an effective general approach for easier data exchange between the worlds of content creation and translation. The Across Language Server can additionally enrich the process with further automation routines and customer-specific optimizations.

Christian Weih, Across Systems GmbH

Automatic Data Transfer via Watch Folder

In COTI level 2, the editorial or content management system places a data package containing the content to be translated in an exchange folder. This folder is monitored by the Across Language Server and converted in a translation project. Information that is not included in COTI but that is necessary for the customer process is supplemented automatically. Upon completion of the translation project, the target data are returned to the source system via the exchange folder.

Automatic File Transfer via Web Services

COTI level 3 uses web services for the direct data exchange between the system, which is also supported by crossConnect for COTI. Here too, information that is not included in COTI but that is necessary for the customer process can be supplemented automatically.

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