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Dream Team for Optimized Time to Market: Across and CONTENTSERV

Supply all channels worldwide and in all languages from one source.
Ensure full transparency of the status of all translations.
Save time and money with highly automated, central processes.

Impress Your Customers around the Globe

Global markets represent an enormous challenge for the product communication, especially if numerous channels and touch points need to be supplied with high-quality, consistent information in multiple languages. Business success depends greatly on the time to market! Get ready for the global markets: The leading Product Information Management (PIM) system of CONTENTSERV can be effectively combined with the Across Language Server to optimize the localization of your product and marketing information.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung CONTENTSERV
Schnittstelle Übersetzung CONTENTSERV

Globalization has long become a necessity for many enterprises. Centrally integrated translation management gives you a leading competitive edge when it comes to the international rollout of products.


Centrally Controlled Translation Management

The Across connector is the standard interface to the CONTENTSERV PIM system. Based on the connection of the Across Language Server and crossConnect to the PIM, you can control all translation jobs for your entire marketing and product content and for all channels via a central platform without any media disruptions. Quick, easy, and effective: Save time, money, and stress by means of highly automated, quality-assured translation workflows.

Translate What Is Actually Needed

Put an end to redundant work and mistranslations. Ensure full transparency of the status of all existing and outstanding translations. You merely need to translate recurring text passages once. Subsequently, you can systematically reuse these central text blocks whenever and as often as you need them. You can order new translations directly from the PIM. After the translations have been processed in Across, you can automatically re-integrate them seamlessly in your omnichannel environment.

As a standard interface of the CONTENTSERV PIM, the Across connector supports even the most complex demands on the marketing and product communication for global markets.

Top Quality without Losing Time

Boost the quality of your cross-country communication with consistent content. Regardless of the medium in question, you can centrally manage all language variants for all output channels, such as shops, catalogs, and websites. For this, the Across terminology database delivers your defined corporate terminology. In this way, you can ensure a compelling market presence in the respective local language and concurrently launch new products on markets around the globe.

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