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Congree Authoring Server

Translation-Oriented Writing with the Congree Authoring Server

Reduced translation costs through sentence reuse and defined terminology
Linguistic language check for translation-oriented writing
ROI in one year or less through easy integration

Hand in Hand for Your Content

Congree and the Across Language Server can be connected seamlessly. If you already maintain a sentence repository in crossTank or manage terminology in crossTerm, Congree enables you to access these two components directly while creating content. The linguistic Language Check helps to optimize content for the subsequent translation. Optimized sentences can be proposed for inclusion in crossTank.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung Congree Authoring Server
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Congree Authoring Server
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Congree Authoring Server

Congree perfectly supplements the translation management system Across Language Server. When composing text, translation memory and terminology data are available in real time. Reuse begins with the source!

Congree Language Technologies GmbH

Terminology Work throughout the Enterprise

Congree and the Across Language Server assist you through seamless integration in all stages of your terminology work. In addition to the linguistically enhanced terminology check, crossTerm can be accessed directly (in the editor or via direct link) for terminology research purposes.

With the help of the term candidates extraction, terms can be collected directly in the editor, enriched with additional information, and sent to crossTerm.

Fewer Sentence Variants

By connecting the author assistance tool to crossTank, you can avoid superfluous sentence variants. While creating content, you can see whether similar sentences already exist. You can apply such sentences in your text. This facilitates your work and helps you to save translation costs, as pre-existing sentences do not need to be translated anew.

Saving potential for your translations: If you spend €200,000 a year on translations, you can save at least €40,000 for translations by using Congree.

Benefit from Translation-Oriented Texts

With its linguistic features, the Congree Language Check helps you to optimize the language of your source texts prior to translation. Apart from various general spelling, grammar, and style rules, about 20 style rules have been implemented especially with a view to translation-oriented writing. Finished translations can also be checked for language quality.

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