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Use Your Content for All Marketing Projects Worldwide

Powerful system for channel-independent content delivery
Efficient collaboration in the company through automated workflows
Open for all contents, formats, data models, and channels

Easy Localization of Content

Create and manage as many language variants as you need of all information and files, including sublanguages (e.g. US English and UK English) and regional variants (e.g. French and English for Canada). Use the interface to connect your translation services and agencies to the Across Language Server. Workflows pave the way to the final translation, which can immediately be used in all censhare processes.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung censhare
Schnittstelle Übersetzung censhare

Our software efficiently tackles the challenges of digital transformation in the fields of collaboration and multilingual omnichannel communication. Our customers include brands such as Dyson, Jaguar Land Rover, Lufthansa, Hearst Magazines UK, and many more.


Easy Global Omnichannel Communication

Modern enterprises make use of a wide bandwidth of channels, such as print, web, mobile, social media, digital screens at the POS, and many others. Naturally, customers expect a consistent experience on all these channels. For this reason, a company needs to be able to transform and translate content for a variety of channels. For many companies, this complexity poses a formidable challenge. censhare and the Across Language Server help you to master these challenges.

One System for DAM, PIM, and Content Management

censhare uses a central platform for all products, which can be combined as needed: digital asset management (DAM), product information management (PIM), and content management. The function scope can be further expanded with optional modules for various applications, e.g. simple applications such as brand management or complex applications such as the creation and management of printed material (e.g. campaign flyers for retailers).

censhare makes it easy for all team members to collaborate in projects and to create additional notes for every file, assign tasks, and optimize the cooperation.

Full Support for Print and Online

Many marketing solutions concentrate solely on digital communication, but neglect conventional print marketing, e.g. the creation of printed brochures, catalogs, flyers, and ads. censhare is different: The "content as a service" approach is fully channel-agnostic and is cable of supplying online and offline channels with content. Sophisticated tools for professional print production deliver compelling high-quality results in all languages and regions.

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