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Capita SmartMATE crossConnect

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Capita SmartMATE crossConnect

SmartMATE crossConnect is a connector which links the Across translation management system (TMS) with Capita’s secure machine translation (MT) solution, SmartMATE MT. SmartMATE MT is much more than a standard MT solution; it allows Across users to gain access to manufacturing domain specific engines, as well as the capacity to build, manage and train your own engines.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung Capita SmartMATE crossConnect
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Capita SmartMATE crossConnect

We used Capita’s machine translation services for a long, technical document that needed to be translated almost instantly. We were delighted with the results, service and value for money.

Capita Customer

Industry focused machine translation

Customised MT engines, built using your specific data, can simply be integrated into your standard localisation process as a means of enhancing productivity – whether that be in our Translation Management System (TMS) or your external systems.

Capita TI’s professional linguists provide post-editing of content that has been machine-translated, delivering the same linguistic quality as a human translation, for significantly lower time and cost.

How does this connector work?

  • Create – Translation projects are created in Across in the usual way
  • Match – Translation Memory matches are applied
  • Request – Project XLIFF files are packaged, encrypted and sent to the SmartMATE service
  • Translation – The packages are decrypted and sent to private SmartMATE engines for translation
  • Delivery – The translated packages are encrypted and sent back to the Across system
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