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Translate easier, faster and more cost-efficient with Author-it and the Across Language Server

Author-it and Across improve your translation processes and time-to-market
Reduce translation cost by 30% or more by reducing translation volume
Improve content reuse and quality, and automate multi-lingual publishing

Improve your translation processes!

Author-it Localize is an integrated module of the Author-it enterprise authoring and publishing platform. Localize is integrated with the Author-it component CMS to reduce the volume of content sent for translation, and enables multi-lingual, multi-channel publishing to nearly eliminate desktop publishing fees. User configurable workflows and integrations with Across ALS will make it the easiest and most-efficient enterprise authoring solution available today.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung Author-it
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Author-it
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Author-it

The key aspect to managing any kind of data is to manage how you create and change the data. Content is translated ‘one time’ reducing costs by 90% annually saving over $3m.

Global Consumer Products Company (25 writers and 5 linguists, 20-25 languages supporting 100s in R&D)

Translate Once; Reuse Many

The Author-it platform knows what content is translatable, was previously translated, is reused, or has been added or changed since the last translation. Author-it extracts and sends only content components that requires translation, significantly reducing word count and cost per project. Once source content is translated and reviewed, publish it directly to print, Help, online, and app formats without DTP or rework. This eliminates inconsistencies in translation across delivery formats.

Improved Quality and Usability of Content

Author-it provides realtime authoring memory, ensuring enforcement of standards to guarantee consistent documentation structure and formatting, increasing readability and usability and maximizing content reuse. Using single-source content ensures 100% consistency wherever it appears. Translation memory is cleaner as the XML contains only text and semantic markup, increasing TM accuracy and reducing the impact of formatting in TM matches.

Author-it includes glossary and style guide tools in content creation, improving the quality of both source and target languages. Fewer words are sent for translation; projects are released faster.

Faster Time to Market

By managing both the authoring and translation processes at the component level, localization and content creation tasks can run in tandem. This allows many smaller translation jobs to be finished faster and added to the multi-lingual publishing process. This avoids the costly exercise of translating drafts or waiting for completion of the entire content source.

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