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Speak the Language of Your Customers

Always see what needs to be translated and what is currently being translated
Sirius CMS users do not need any Across Language Server skills
Finished translations are returned automatically

How Sirius CMS Can Help You

Internationally positioned enterprises that provide their customers with marketing documents or complex manuals often use thousands or even tens of thousands of information modules – in each language. Thus, the actual cost factor is the translation, not the creation of content. The only reliable and economically viable solution to this issue is to implement automated translation management and efficient TM systems. Sirius CMS supports this automation, promoting your business success.

Schnittstelle Übersetzung Acolada Sirius CMS
Schnittstelle Übersetzung Acolada Sirius CMS

"Today, the success of enterprises depends on their ability to deliver content in multiple languages. For enterprises that operate around the globe, this requires full automation of the translation management. Any other approach would be too time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone."

Acolada GmbH

Keep Track

Keeping track means always knowing:

  • which information blocks and images are outdated and need to be translated
  • which files need to be sent to the translator
  • which files have already been sent to the translator
  • where finished translations need to be returned

– regardless of the number of translation blocks and languages. Sirius CMS handles all of this automatically. The connection to the Across Language Server relieves you of the need to handle files manually.

Focus on What Matters

Another benefit of the automatic connection between Sirius CMS and the Across Language Server is that as a normal user, you do not need to acquire any Across Language Server skills. Imagine how much time you could save in a year if Sirius CMS and the Across Language Server were to save only 30 minutes per translation compared to an entirely manual process!

Thanks to the direct connection between Sirius CMS and the Across Language Server, you have more time to communicate with your customers and clearly present your brand statement and other important content.

Sirius CMS from Acolada

Acolada's editorial system Sirius CMS manages all common data types. Sirius CMS offers unique recycling features. Its flexibility is appreciated by publishers, industry, and commerce. Acolada stands for solutions that are custom-tailored to the needs of its customers. Please feel free to contact us.

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