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Professional Translations with the Across Language Server

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Through the introduction of the Across Language Server and the connection to our content management systems, we have fully integrated our company's translation process of 28 languages in the IT infrastructure. The connection to SAP Hybris and TYPO3 makes sure that our product data are always up to date in all languages. We have been able to reduce the manual overhead in the process to a minimum. By means of the workflow, we ensure a high translation quality.

Christian Hurth, Head of Marketing Communications

Migros Bank AG

During the introduction of Across, we were very satisfied with the care and support provided. The members of the Across team were always eager to deliver solutions, which they then successfully rolled out.

Beatriz Gonzalez, Senior Business Analyst at Migros Bank AG


Across proved to be the perfect partner when it came to setting up a professional translation management system

Michèle Staedele, Translation and Terminology Management

Metrohm AG

With the help of Across, the translation process was professionalized. This resulted in a significant improvement of the quality, quantity, and speed of the translations.

Dr. Roland Dörig, Head of Technical Editing

SMA Solar Technology AG

Our introduction to the system took one day, and on the next day, we could already start using it. After only eight weeks, we achieved ROI.

Jürgen Sapara, Director Technical Documentation & Translation Management

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt

Standardized terminology will of course have a positive effect on our external image and enable shorter product cycles thanks to shorter review processes.

Cecilia Mongardi, Graduate Translator at HIMA

Minitab Inc.

With the help of Across, our translation management process has been improved significantly. We now have a central system that seamlessly integrates with our CMS, which results in more consistent data and the ability to work with our multi-language vendors easily

John Wilcock, Staff Localization Specialist at Minitab

Olympus Europa

Apart from saving us a lot of time and costs for the translation, the uniform system gives us better control of the data used

Gisbert Meyer, Documentation Services Specialist

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Challenges und Solutions

Financial Services and Insurance

  • Translation of time-critical, liability-relevant documents such as forecasts, annual reports, contracts, opinions, certificates, quotations, or business plans.
  • Constantly growing translation volume
  • Numerous internal and external translators
  • Projects with different sensitivity levels
  • High administrative overhead
  • High process security requirements
Solution with Across
  • As an integrated system, the Across Language Server combines project, terminology, and translation management functionality.
  • Management of internal and external translators over a central system
  • Automation of recurring tasks
  • Traceability of all processing steps in confidential translation processes
  • Reuse of previously translated text segments
  • Quality assurance with respect to consistent style and terminology

Medical Technology & Pharma & Life Sciences

  • Regulatory requirements for product and corporate communication
  • Compliant adaptation of the contents for foreign-language versions
  • Short update cycles and time-consuming review and validation processes
Solution with Across
  • Comprehensive control and automation of translation and approval processes
  • Tracking of all text changes in the translation
  • Integration of all language service providers and translators in the overall process
  • Increased process and data security thanks to a closed supply chain
  • Terminology check in the source text and target text
  • Compliance with quality specifications, if necessary in combination with authoring assistance
  • Compliance with standards

Information Technology

  • Quick update phases, large amount of diverse product information
  • Audiences with different levels of background knowledge (e.g. developers, administrators, users)
  • Differentiated product information such as sales documents, product descriptions, manuals, and software GUIs
  • Target-language texts must be adapted to the cultural, linguistic, and legal circumstances
Solution with Across
  • Across as a uniform work environment and central platform, regardless of the type of the source text
  • Uniform terminology for consistent production information
  • Consideration of specific requirements in the software localization
  • Reduction of administrative workload through project and workflow control
  • Optional system integration and automation of processes via open interfaces

Automotive and Suppliers

  • Provision of complex product information in a target group-oriented manner in various languages
  • Audiences with different levels of background knowledge (e.g. experts, dealers, service centers, and end customers)
  • Differentiated product information generates high translation and terminology workload
  • Compliance with global statutory framework conditions
Solution with Across
  • Efficient integration of internal and external translators and reviewers
  • Uniform terminology across all publications
  • Faster creation of highly complex documents
  • Minimization of the error rate
  • Assistance in fulfilling quality requirements


  • Short development cycles and quick product launches
  • High international competitive pressure
  • Extensive product portfolio with frequent parallel product launches generates high documentation and translation workload
  • Delivery of the documentation at the same time as the product
Solution with Across
  • Optimized, individually automated translation processes
  • Consistent texts in all languages and text types
  • Compliance with quality requirements and standards
  • Adaptation of the target texts to the framework conditions of international markets

Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction

  • Technical documentation departments are often characterized by company-specific organization.
  • Many people involved in the process, e.g. technical editors, external supports, translators, translation providers, and reviewers.
  • Multilingual product-related documents must be available upon delivery of the machinery and plants.
  • Various text types (e.g. manuals, operating instructions, specifications) for products of an increasing complexity.
  • Smaller, modular text blocks need to be translated to more and more languages
Solution with Across
  • Automation of translation processes – by means of open interfaces to third-party systems
  • Direct connection of all involved in the process and collaboration on a joint platform
  • Reuse of previously translated texts with maximum consistency
  • Compliance with defined corporate terminology in all documents

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