Localization in E-Commerce

Marketing Content in Your Customers' Language

E-Commerce Content Creation

Content Creation

Various writers prepare content for various channels. Thanks to the access to the Across terminology system, all relevant keywords remain consistent.

Translation in E-Commerce


Texts are automatically sent to the Across Language Server. Depending on the workflow, they are pre-translated with MT, sent to your translation partners, then returned for review, and finally back to the starting point.

E-Commerce | Publication


From here, you can publish your multilingual content on the various channels.

E-Commerce | Be found

Be Found

Make it easier to be found and provide your prospective customers with relevant content in their language. This creates trust in you and your products.

Jazz up Your Content for International E-Commerce

Many resellers have already entered the international e-commerce business or are planning to do so soon. But how can you reach your potential new customers with your web shop? The most effective way is to speak their language! Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to provide your product information and marketing content in English. Before customers decide to purchase an item, they want to be able to easily find all information on the product. They want to be taken care of at every stop on their customer journey. If they do not find what they are looking for, the web always offers plenty of alternatives.

The Right Translation — A Critical Success Factor in E-Commerce

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More Than Mere Translation

The subject of translation — or, more precisely, the subject of localization — should play a key role in your internationalization concept. Localization means much more than merely translating content into various languages. It can mean the consideration of the cultural background or country-specific requirements to ensure a positive customer experience, the use of creative language in marketing text, or the compliance with a limited number of characters in user interfaces.

In view of the plethora of content formats and channels, the implementation usually involves numerous people. What is more, content is managed in various systems and should be returned to these systems after the translation. Sounds difficult? The overhead can be reduced by means of smart deployment of software and automation.

Content Automation

Marketing Content: Shorter Time to Market

Deliver your content for diverse communication channels along the customer journey in more languages in even less time. This increases the trust and ensures positive experiences at every touchpoint.

Functions and Automation Possibilities
with Across

BELIMO Automation AG

Thanks to the collaboration at eye level between Across and Belimo, the CMS has been connected to Across according to schedule and within the budget.

The implemented solution has boosted the customer satisfaction, quality, and efficiency of translation jobs. .

Daniel Ritter, Senior Project Manager @ BELIMO Automation AG

The Across Language Server helps you to quickly and easily deliver multilingual content for your target audience.


Help Your Customers to Find Your Products

Correct wording also plays a role in the field of search engine optimization. Usually, a potential customer will first look for information about a certain product in his or her local language. For search engines to be able to return relevant hits, the content must of course be available in the respective language. This is true of product descriptions, item texts, multimedia content for shops and marketplaces as well as corporate websites, landing pages, blogs, news, e-books, and ratings. This is where the advantages of consistent wording come in: Using the same term in all channels makes it much easier to find it. For SEO-optimized texts, it is also important to use country-specific keywords. A mere translation would be counterproductive.

In the Across terminology system, you can easily determine relevant keywords along with their equivalents for the individual target countries.

Corporate Language

Uniform Language for Enhanced Customer Comprehension

Do you use different terms on your website, in the newsletter, and in the customer journal when you actually mean the same thing? Even if only one language is used, consistent use of your corporate terminology contributes to comprehensibility and a strong corporate identity. In the case of localization, consistency also affects the costs. If terms are used consistently and duly translated for the target market, your translators will know exactly what to do when they work on new texts.

With the help of the terminology system included in the Across Language Server, you can ensure uniform corporate language across all channels.

Additionally, you can store "do not use" terms. In this way, the translator will be informed immediately if a certain term is to be avoided, and an alternative proposal will be displayed.

Success Story: BEUMER Group

One tool, one team, one relationship

We at BEUMER Group think that terminology consistency and text quality are very important. We already proofread the original document in Across before it continues to be translated, following the 'four-eyes principle'. Across allows us to handle the large volume of translations and reduces time and cost expenditures by more than 50 percent in most cases.

The scope of texts translated ranges from a wide variety of marketing documents to technical documentation. Most of our documents are managed in CMS, connected directly with Across via connectors.

The advantages of the tool are still increased by the highly qualified, helpful and friendly Across team which is worth to be mentioned. In cases like this, I'd like to speak about a faithful partnership between customer and supplier.

Lydia Landwehr, Head of Language Management @ BEUMER Group