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People, Management, Company Guidelines

Across Systems GmbH is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server, a market-leading software platform for all corporate language resources and translation processes. Located in the Karlsruhe technology belt, the company headquarters in Karlsbad manages the activities of Across around the globe.

Within the scope of its product development and market activities, Across cooperates with international educational institutions and associations and is coached by three advisory boards: the Corporate Advisory Board, the LSP Advisory Board, and the Translators’ Advisory Board, as well as the Across User Group. The advisory board members represent renowned technology companies and language service providers who also use an Across Language Server for their translation management. The members of the Translators‘ Advisory Board are freelance translators with extended knowledge in various CAT tools.

Across combines people with diverse qualifications, experiences, and opinions to a strong team. The individual strengths of every team member contribute to the overall success, regardless of the capacity in which the person serves – as a highly qualified IT expert, a programmer, an administrative employee, or an experienced translator. Across offers suitable challenges for professional newcomers and seasoned industry experts alike.

Good Advice with an Advisory Board

We want to align our software solutions as closely as possible with the specific needs of our users. Therefore, we cooperate closely with three boards within the scope of the product development: the Corporate Advisory Board, the LSP Advisory Board and the Translators’ Advisory Board. The meetings, which are held twice a year, afford us the opportunity to exchange practical experience and discuss market trends.

All boards serve the following purposes:

  • To engage in exchange of information and to serve as a mouthpiece on behalf of Across users
  • To counsel the Across management team in its medium-term strategic product planning
  • To let the team participate in their experience, desires, and visions in connection with Across

Code of Conduct

As a company, we aspire to long-term business relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers. Moreover, our aim is to create an atmosphere in which our employees feel at ease. In order to achieve this, we act in accordance with the following Code of Conduct. This encompasses the values and voluntary self-commitment that all our employees are responsible for putting into practice.

Loyal Behaviour

Fair competition and dealing openly with customers, partners and suppliers are high priorities for us. We therefore always act with honesty and integrity. We comply with applicable laws and other relevant regulations in all our activities both in Germany and abroad. We expect our customers, partners and suppliers to do the same.

Conflicts of Interest

Our employees always have the company’s interests in mind and act accordingly. Where the company’s interests disadvantage them personally, they are obliged to act in good faith. Such conflicts of interest should be avoided wherever possible. Should employees find themselves in such a situation, they must disclose it immediately. We will work together to find a good solution that is practicable for all parties.

Corruption, Gifts and Other Benefits

We categorically oppose all forms of corruption, bribery and extortion. Employees who allow themselves to be influenced by dishonest practices by customers or suppliers, or who use such practices in an attempt to influence others, will therefore consistently face disciplinary consequences. If a supplier or customer attempts to influence an employee’s decision making using dishonest methods, the employee must report this to the management immediately. Employees may keep prizes won in competitions at industry events, provided the draw was held in public and any favouritism ruled out. Our employees may accept gifts from customers, partners and suppliers, provided these do not exceed a value of €40/year.

Fair Working Conditions

As an employer, we strive to provide our employees with attractive workplaces that benefit from a continuous process of improvement. The basis for this is a safe and healthy working environment. Employees therefore have an active responsibility in helping to ensure that their areas are a safe and healthy place to work. Every employee is also obliged to comply with all guidelines and regulations. We maintain an open culture of feedback in which criticism and ideas can be shared in a non-judgemental environment. Everyone is an individual and will be treated with respect. We distance ourselves from every form of discrimination or harassment. Such behaviour will be punished with direct disciplinary action.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Our employees have a duty to maintain confidentiality. This applies particularly in respect of intellectual property such as business secrets, source codes, copyrights, business and marketing plans, salary information and all financial and personal data not intended for disclosure. Employees must also exercise due diligence and are required to comply with the Federal Data Protection Act in all their business activities.

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Manufacturer of the Across Language Server, a market-leading software platform for corporate resources and translation processes




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Gerd Janiszewski

Gerd Janiszewski
Chief Executive Officer

Gerd Janiszewski is the Chief Executive Officer of Across Systems GmbH. Previously, he had served with various IT companies and spent 15 years in an executive position with a translation service provider. As a result, he has extensive application and industry expertise. With this combination, a strong, well-established team and a good measure of enthusiasm, trend-setting technologies and service-oriented processes are to be ensured and upgraded. His goal is to promote agility, creativity, performance, and stability.