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translate plus Boosts Revenue with Across

Since the introduction of Across Language Server two years ago, we have been able to step up our revenues with Across projects by approximately €150,000.

Svenja Müller, Area Manager DACH

Quicker Results with Automated Translation Processes

translate plus, a leading language service provider, specialises in the localisation of content from numerous subject areas and industries, such as IT, manufacturing, automation technology, electronics, biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and online gaming. The globally positioned business – headquartered in London with offices in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, China, Japan and the US – has more than 10,000 internal and freelance translators working in more than 200 languages.

Starting Point

translate plus frequently need to localise documentation with complex terminology requirements: customers requiring more than 20,000 terms per language combination are not unheard of. Consistency in these cases is ensured by means of glossaries, style guides and translation memories. The externally-audited certifications that translate plus has obtained guarantee documented, strictly monitored quality assurance processes. Thus, the language service provider is able to meet high quality standards for all its customers’ translations on a long-term basis, without any gaps. “Every customer desires individual project handling,” explains Svenja Müller, Area Manager – DACH at translate plus. “We endeavour to adapt our structures and workflows to these requirements in a way that enables us to react speedily and with a great level of flexibility. This was also one of the reasons for the introduction of Across Language Server. Moreover, it is part of a strategy with which we want to further increase our revenues in Germany.”

Transparent Workflow

With Across Language Server, the project rollout at translate plus works as follows: The project manager discusses all aspects of the project (such as target audience, deadline, terminology requirements) with the customer and enters them in Across. Subsequently, a reference unit is compiled, which contains the project order with detailed instructions for the translator as well as the reference material and any style guides. The translation memory and glossary will form part of the Across package. During the translation process, the proofreader and the customer’s dedicated QA checker at translate plus check the localised files. This is done with the help of the quality management functionality that is integrated in Across, which identifies possible translation errors between the source content and the target content (e.g. different numbers, punctuation marks, text length, multiple spaces). Further checking instances follow, ensuring a high translation quality before the texts are laid out with a DTP program (if applicable) and sent to the customer. Across automatically saves all changes to the translation memory, and for InDesign documents the customer can optionally use the design plus web previewing functionality offered by translate plus if required. The example of the cooperation between translate plus and Otto Bock, a leading provider of prosthetics, wheelchairs, and orthopaedic aids, shows how both the language service provider and the customer benefit from Across Language Server.

Every month, translate plus carry out 40 projects with 36 language combinations, on average, for this medical technology provider. The parties have developed a translation process with high quality standards on the basis of Across Language Server, which enables them to administer all tasks related to translation and review. At the same time, Across Language Server helps to ensure that translation memories and glossaries are always up to date.


“Since the introduction of Across Language Server two years ago, we have been able to step up our revenues with Across projects by approximately €150,000,” says Svenja. “Moreover, we have been able to expand the volume of our operations with numerous high-profile customers from the German-speaking market, from consumer electronics to medical devices. Furthermore, the deployment of this system has proved useful especially with respect to translation memory and terminology management, change tracking, quality assurance processes, and turnaround times.”

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translate plus

  • Leading, globally positioned language service provider
  • Certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN 15038
  • Annual translation volume: more than 200 million words

Initial Situation

  • Increased market presence in Germany
  • Introduction of a comprehensive, flexible translation platform for project handling

Across components employed

  • Across Language Server


  • Revenue increase
  • Compliance with high quality standards
  • Improved process security