Case Study MEIKO

Professional translation management with Across

Across proved to be the perfect partner when it came to setting up a professional translation management system

Michèle Staedele, Translation and Terminology Management

Founded in 1927, MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG has become a market leader in the warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology industry. Headquartered in the town of Offenburg right on the edge of Germany’s beautiful Black Forest, this long-established, medium-sized company has built up a global presence and now conducts business all over the world through subsidiaries on every continent. As a global player, MEIKO sells its products to a wide variety of industries. Whether it’s serving hotels and restaurants, the inflight and marine sectors, or hospitals and retirement homes, MEIKO always has the “clean solution”.

30% cost savings enabled with Across

MEIKO has undergone a rapid process of internationalisation in recent years and languages have gradually become more and more important. To address these changes, the company decided to establish a centralised translation and terminology management department. Choosing a professional translation software package was fairly straightforward, because MEIKO had already spent 10 years using the Across Language Server for its technical documentation and was impressed by the results. “Once you get to the stage where you’re translating around 2 million words a year in over 30 languages, then it becomes much more important to manage translation jobs centrally. That’s the only way to guarantee an efficient translation process while locking in long-term savings. Across proved to be the perfect partner. What started out as an individual software solution solely for technical documentation subsequently spread to all areas of our company, and it has so far enabled us to cut our translation costs by a third!” says Michèle Staedele, who is responsible for Translation and Terminology Management. The translation management system saves all the translations in a translation memory. When new texts need to be translated that contain similar or identical material, the approved translations in the translation memory can simply be re-used. That means the only sections that need to be translated are the ones that haven’t been translated before. Over time, the number of matches steadily increases, leading to a significant drop in translation costs in the long term.

Optimising processes with seamless software solutions

To ensure a smooth and seamless translation process right from the start, MEIKO decided to implement the Across Language Portal. Whenever someone needs a document in a different language, they can add the translation job to the language portal quickly and easily and download there the translation when it’s done. A cost estimate is generated automatically for every job – the perfect way to raise employees’ awareness of how much translations cost. “By implementing the language portal, we have created a seamless translation process that starts with the person who places the order, continues on to the language service provider, and then ends up at our market organisations,” says Staedele. “At the same time, this process reduces the translation management team’s workload, so we get more time to spend working on projects and terminology.” MEIKO uses crossWeb to smoothly incorporate the market organisations. Their role is to carry out a second proofreading of the translations as part of the localisation process, thereby ensuring consistent quality. “The browser-based solution has been readily accepted by our subsidiaries because it’s so easy to use. The corrections are incorporated straight into Across, avoiding the hassle of having to make changes manually. crossWeb has made the whole proofreading and correction process much more streamlined,” Staedele explains.

Consistent terminology throughout the Group

When it came to choosing a translation management system, MEIKO was determined not only to optimise the translation process and maintain open interfaces to in-house and third-party systems, but also to implement a suitable terminology system. “Terminology work is an essential part of professional translation management. Establishing a mandatory, rules-based system of corporate terminology ensures a consistent use of language and improves the quality of the language used in our documentation. What’s more, a consistent corporate wording helps us streamline the editing and translation processes and reduce translation costs by making optimum use of the translation management system,” Staedele adds. The terminology system integrated in Across proved to be the perfect choice for MEIKO thanks to its flexible configuration options. From definitions and term types to different usages, it’s easy to configure the way in which terms are entered in the system to match each company’s specific needs. And that’s not all: crossTerm Now – the webbased interface of the terminology system – enables everyone who works at MEIKO to access corporate terminology quickly and easily, effectively transforming the terminology database into a “knowledge base”. And if anyone wants to help out by suggesting a term to the terminology management team, they can use the suggestion module built into crossTerm Now.

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  • Market leader in warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology
  • Founded in Offenburg, Germany in 1927
  • 2,300 employees
  • Annual turnover: 300 million euros
  • Subsidiaries worldwide

Initial Situation

  • Rapid internationalisation
  • Translation volume of approx. 2 million words a year
  • 30 languages, eight of which are defined as the company’s main languages

Across components employed

  • Across Language Server
  • Across Language Portal
  • crossWeb
  • crossTerm Now
  • crossTerm Lookup
  • Across Data Cube


  • Centralised translation and terminology management with Across
  • Seamless translation process
  • Translation costs reduced by 30 percent
  • Higher quality translations thanks to terminology database