Case Study Minitab

Minitab Centralizes Translation Management with Across

With the help of Across, our translation management process has been improved significantly. We now have a central system that seamlessly integrates with our CMS, which results in more consistent data and the ability to work with our multi-language vendors easily

John Wilcock, Staff Localization Specialist at Minitab

Minitab Inc.

  • Leading developer of statistical analysis and process improvement software
  • Annual translation volume: $500,000 per year
  • Number of employees: Over 300
  • Target Languages: 11
  • Locations: State College, PA, with subsidiaries in England, France, and Australia
  • 90% of Fortune 100 Companies use Minitab Statistical Software

Initial Situation

  • Translations into seven languages
  • Multi-language vendors, partners, and subject matter experts work on projects
  • Need a system that can integrate with CMS
  • Need a method to manage terminology consistency


  • Central translation management
  • Seamless connection of other systems
  • Integration of all involved in the process
  • Consistent corporate terminology

Across components employed

  • Across Language Server
  • crossWeb
  • crossGrid
  • crossConnect
  • crossAuthor


  • Flexible, responsive content creation and translation system
  • Central translation management
  • Reduced repetitive manual tasks
  • Comprehensive terminology database created
  • Increased translation quality