Case Study JABA-Translations

Faster Results with Automated Translation Processes

Across not only reduces our administrative overhead but also assists us in complying with our high quality standards.

Joaquim Alves, CEO & President

Quicker Results with Automated Translation Processes

With its offices in Portugal and Spain, the translation company JABA-Translations operates on an international scale and is specialized in the target languages Portuguese (PT and BR) and Spanish (ES). Most of its customers are translation agencies and language service providers around the globe. To ensure clear, easy-to-understand texts, the various subject areas – e.g. automotive industry, IT, telecommunications, and engineering – are processed by specialized translators. JABA-Translations uses the Across LSP Edition, which is tuned to the needs of language service providers, for smooth customer communication and efficient project coordination. "All our customer projects comprise the translation, editing, and proofreading (TEP) steps.

The use of Across has proved useful in the entire process, as the software not only reduces our administrative overhead but also assists us in complying with our high quality standards. More and more of our customers want their projects to be processed in Across. Meanwhile, we translate about 5.6 million words a year with this system", explains Joaquim Alves, CEO & President of JABA-Translations.

Starting Point

Across was the first central translation management platform that JABA-Translations introduced. Previously, the coordination of translation tasks and the exchange of files had required a lot of manual work. Since the system was introduced, the project management has become more transparent, and the costs involved have also been reduced considerably.

Accelerated Processes with Across

The requirements, file formats, and company-specific processes that need to be taken into consideration for translation projects at JABA-Translations are different for virtually all customers. With Across, the language service provider can integrate individual conditions in the project management. Direct server-to-server interaction with the Across installation on the customer side is possible via crossGrid, which greatly facilitates the exchange of data. After the customer sets up a project, the project manager at JABA-Translations receives a message and can download the translation task including all project-relevant information. Depending on the language combination and subject, the translation is assigned to a suitable translator. After all tasks are finished, Across automatically checks out the project and uploads the data back to the customer's server. In this way, the handling time for each translation project can be reduced significantly.

The automation of numerous administrative chores further optimizes and accelerates the process. "Our customers benefit in two ways: Firstly, the comprehensive communication on a central platform makes sure that tasks can be assigned clearly, avoiding time-consuming inquiries. Secondly, the end customers receive quick results thanks to the efficient processing, with a high translation quality as usual. By using Across, we have already gained some new customers", says Joaquim Alves.

To offer its customers highly professional and efficient project handling, the company puts emphasis on the regular training of its employees. Since mid-2013, Across Systems GmbH has been offering a comprehensive training and certification program for language service providers. Based on the successful participation of its employees in the Project Management I and II, Terminology, Translation, and System Administration training modules, JABA-Translations has qualified for the Across Certified v5.7 label.

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JABA-Translations Portugal

  • Specialization: Portuguese (PT and BR) and Spanish (ES)
  • Subjects: Automotive industry, IT (hardware and software), telecommunications, construction, and engineering
  • Offices in Portugal and Spain
  • Across Certified

Initial Situation

  • High manual project management and coordination workload

Across components employed

  • Across LSP Edition


  • Reduction of the processing time through automation
  • Accelerated translation processes without sacrificing quality