Across Light Edition

Translation management especially for language service providers

The Across Light Edition is the new flexible version of the Across Language Server especially for small language service providers or teams of freelance translators. Do you want to professionalize your project management, add Across to your portfolio, and expand your potential target group, all while keeping your costs manageable?

The new Across Light Edition makes it possible for you to professionalize your translation management without high implementation costs. Getting started with Across is now not only easy for you but also more affordable, faster, and more flexible than ever before.

No additional costs for technical infrastructure

Thanks to a downscaled user structure with up to 10 users and the streamlined installer, the Across Light Edition can be operated on your Windows operating system. It is also compatible with Microsoft SQL Server Express, a free database management system with a maximum database size of 10 GB. This means that there are no additional implementation costs for the technical infrastructure. You can easily perform the installation yourself and get started right away. If you need help, the Across support team would be happy to assist you.

Annual license model

Thanks to the annual license model, you purchase and pay for Across only as long as you need it – with a minimum term of 12 months. Expand your target group and respond to potential customers with even greater flexibility. For example, you can also accept individual projects for processing in Across and not extend the license after the project is done (or after 12 months at the earliest). If you would like to continue working with Across, the license is automatically extended for another 12 months. It’s also no problem at all if your translation volume increases in the future and the Light Edition is no longer sufficient for your needs. You can make the switch to larger Across packages at any time and without losing data.

Full Across functionality

In the Across Light Edition, you can also use all important Across Language Server functionalities, including the full scope of the project management module. You keep better track of your projects and tie your customers and freelancers to your system. You are also fully integrated into your customer’s project management as a language service provider. Your project management becomes more efficient, transparent, and seamless.

To ensure the quality of your work, the Light Edition also includes the complete Across quality management module. Predefined and custom check criteria make quality control of translated texts easier. You use the Across quality management features without restriction and perform quality control of translations much more efficiently without having to leave Across.

When you use the Across Light Edition, you also become part of the Across supply chain, allowing you to make a significant contribution to increasing data security within the translation process. The supply chain is therefore consistently secure and transparent for you, your customers, and the freelancers who assist you.

Get started today with the Across Light Edition

The Across Light Edition makes getting started with Across easier than ever before. Manageable and transparent costs allow you to easily expand the range of services you offer to your customers. Complete project and quality management increases efficiency and improves your results. As part of the Across supply chain, you make a significant contribution to the data security of your customers.

Would you like to learn more about the Across Light Edition? Get in touch with us, and we will support you in easily getting started with Across!