Across Language Server

Efficient Content Localization for the International Market

The Across Language Server is our translation management system for enterprises and language service providers. It supports the entire translation process from the project and workflow control to the translation, correction, and release. Thus, it facilitates the localization of your product and corporate communication for the international market. The central translation memory stores all sentences in a central database and makes them available to all involved in a project. In this way, they can later be reused for other translations. Across is easy to use, even when special requirements such as the translation of display texts or documents with change tracking are involved. Moreover, you will always translate in the same working environment, regardless of the file format of the source text. Our translation management system is scalable and grows with your requirements.

With the Across Language Server, you can create secure translation processes with a high degree of automation.

Translation Management

Professional Translation Management Systems for Enterprises of Any Size

Across unifies your language resources and the competencies of internal and external users on a single platform. Project managers can easily distribute tasks and keep track of the progress and costs. The fact that all involved in a project operate on the basis of the same data increases the consistency of your translations. The closed system also contributes to the information security of your translation projects and enables process automation throughout the supply chain.

Translation Management

Terminology Management

Consistent Corporate Terminology throughout the Enterprise

Consistent terminology affects the external perception of any company and offers considerable cost-saving potential for translations. If a standard term is determined in the terminology database, it only needs to be translated once. The integrated Across terminology system shows authors, translators, reviewers, and departments which terms they should prefer and which ones are undesirable in the corporate communication.

Terminology Management

Translation Memory

Reuse Texts and Save Costs

The translation memory (TM) is the translation repository of the Across Language Server. Every translated sentence is stored in two languages and can thus be reused for future translations with the same or similar content. A similar sentence that is stored in the TM is referred to as "fuzzy match". The translator can insert and modify it, thereby increasing his working speed.

By using a translation memory, companies can save time and money. What is more, the use of a TM increases the consistency of texts. Correction cycles and misunderstandings are avoided, resulting in higher customer and employee satisfaction.

Translation Memory

Across editions

Transparent, easy to budget for, in line with your requirements

The three editions “Local – Global – Enterprise” offer the right solution to every customer. The scope of the packages depends on what is required, ranging from a local solution to a large corporate solution. For all editions, there is a matching service package with the basic implementation and configuration of the system as well as standard training. The costs remain transparent and easy to budget for in every edition. 

The Local Edition is the ideal solution for getting started with Across. It’s the right way to go for anyone who wants to centralize and optimize their translation processes with a translation management system. The Global Edition is the package of choice for companies that already use several standalone solutions and want to manage them centrally, as well as for companies that prioritize efficiency in their terminology workflow. The complete solution for large teams and a high number of users is the Enterprise Edition. Large corporations can process a very large translation volume with this comprehensive technology package. Discover the editions




Secure Connection to Third-Party Systems

The Across Language Server features open interfaces for the direct connection of interacting systems. Information can be exchanged across systems, thereby reducing the manual workload, coordination cycles, and potential error sources. Apart from making the actual translation management a seamless process, this concept also facilitates the integration of upstream and downstream process steps of the content creation.

Systems used for the intermediate processing of documents outside Across can also be securely integrated in the workflow. For example, you can export tasks to approved machine translation or quality assurance systems or external correction processes in a controlled manner and then automatically re-import the results.


White Paper
The Principle of Translation Management Systems

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