Sebastian Zientek, Director of Technical Documentation, 1&1 (Software)

Apart from a good cost-benefit ratio, Across scored with their product philosophy. The open interface design of the Language Server made it very easy to integrate our Content Management System.

Petros Chatzimitos, Archetypon (LSP)

We connect to our customer using Across as it allows us to streamline translations and localization processes.

Sven von Allmen, Head of Retrofit & Sales Tools, Belimo (Manufacturing)

With Across, we were able to accelerate our workflows by a factor of 10 and achieved significant cost savings.

Jerome Leicht, Head of Technical Documentation,
Bosch Thermaltechnology (Manufacturing)

Together with our service providers, we can now make our translation processes much 'leaner' and more cost-efficient.

Lodovico Passalacqua, CEO, Burg Translations (LSP)

The Across Language Server was the most comprehensive and transparent of the products we reviewed, allowing us to easily track projects in progress.

Elisabeth Maier, CTO, CLS Communication (LSP)

With the Across Language Server, we can now implement an end-to-end linguistic supply chain, from clients to CLS locations to individual freelance translator.

Jill Balcerzak, Manager Strategic Marketing, Corporate Translation (LSP)

We chose Across because it is easy and straightforward to use, and offers a full complement of features that we need to expedite projects as quickly and accurately as possible for our clients.

Angélica Pérez, Delsurtranslations (LSP)

The introductory webinar was really very interesting and enlightening to see the features and functionality of Across Personal Edition v4.0. We may start working with your CAT-tool soon.

Sujeong Lee, E4NET (LSP)

Across provides us a quick view for overall translation progress and lets us to simplify the entire workflow.

Christof Goergen, Head of Sales Back Office,
Fecken-Kirfel (Manufacturing)

The savings achieved by using Across are mainly evident from the greatly diminished translation workload, which could be reduced by 60 to 65 percent.

Tsuyoshi Kumazawa, Human Sciences (LSP)

Across Language Server technology helps us deliver to the central repository of our European customer in a protected project environment.

Sina Lamprecht, Head of Language Service,
Hypovereinsbank (Finance & Insurance)

The Across Language Portal relieves project managers of repetitive tasks and enables a high degree of process automation.

Dorothee Orf, CEO, INTERTEXT (LSP)

Across provides the right relay translation features and workflows connecting all our translators and proofreaders in a secured environment.

Yasuyuki Abe, CEO, ITP (LSP)

We recognized the assertiveness and progressiveness of Across leaders. We saw in the management team a group just like us, dedicated to leading the market evolution. What better partner than that to work with?

Christian Schmidt, Head of Language Service ,
KfW Banking Group (Finance & Insurance)

The well-designed concept, the extensive possibilities for efficient work organization, and the good price / performance ratio convinced us.

Eike Zuckschwerdt, Marketing Manager, MIWE (Manufacturing)

Within a short time, Across' translation management system has become a central pillar of our communication and quality philosophy.

Reinhard Lankes, Head of Technical Documentation,
Multivac (Manufacturing)

Because project management is now integrated in our company thanks to the Across Language Server, we can now identify even hidden potentials for improvement and lower translation costs even further.

Christoph Lux, Translation Expert, Navigon AG (Software)

Due to the high quality of the automatically generated Word documents, our review workload has dropped by more than 60%.

Oliver Brinkmann, Head of Documentation Services,
Phoenix Contact Group (Manufacturing)

We want to make our processes and workflows for product and company communications more transparent and consistent. That's why we switched to Across.

Michael Leifeld, Head of Documentation and Translation Department,
Polysius AG (Manufacturing)

Across encompasses the complete process, from translation to project management, thereby overcoming the limitations of conventional systems.

Irena Weight, Manager of Translation and Standards Department,
Priority Dispatch Corp (Software)

The ability to reuse content for multiple documents made us more efficient and assures us of the consistency we require.

Christian Zimmerman, Head of Technical Writing Team, Siemens (Manufacturing)

The possibilities that Across offers for project management and features like out-of-the-box workflow control, quickly convinced us of the system.

Dr. Wolfgang Sturz, Founder, Transline Group (LSP)

With the streamlined processes, we have been able to save up to 50%.

Olaf Haulsen, Head of Technical Documentation,
Voith Turbo (Manufacturing)

The increased text volume threatened to impair the translation quality. By deploying the Across Language Server, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality translations in a short time.

Larry Clark, Localization Specialist, Wilcox Associates (Software)

Were excited about the robust Across functionality and centralized project management capability as a comprehensive solution to the cumbersome piecemeal approach with which we were struggeling.


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