Translation Memory as Central Database: Intelligently Reuse Your Translations

As a central database containing all previous translations, the translation memory of the Across Language Server enables

  • reuse of previously translated texts and
  • translation-oriented authoring of source texts.

Translation memory systems constitute the basis of every computer-aided translation software. The Across Language Server combines this language technology with a central work environment for all internal and external translators and editors. Every translated sentence is stored in the central database crossTank and can thus be reused in future projects. Gradually, you can thus build an ever larger data pool from which your translators can benefit.


Übersetzungen wiederverwenden


crossTank assists you in the following areas:

In addition to crossTank, crossMining also helps you to save time. By means of the auto-completion of sentences, translators can ensure the quality of their work even while translating. Since your service provider can work more efficiently with Across, you can reduce translation costs up to 80 percent (depending on the degree of text redundancy).



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What our customers say

Together with our service providers, we can now make our translation processes much 'leaner' and more cost-efficient.

Jerome Leicht, BBT

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