We deliver the technologies that you need in order to meet the challenges you are faced with in translation management with the help of lean translation processes and maximum reuse and automation.

We have extensive experience in assisting companies that operate in diverse fields and have different organization structures in the successful introduction of the Across Language Server. Where all requirements can be met with standard solutions, we endeavor to deploy such. If necessary, however, we can also develop additional functions for your specific processes. Therefore, you can rely on our sound, industry-independent know-how in all project phases, including the consulting stage, system integration, individual customizing, and training.

Solutions for Enterprises

One Software Solution for All Industries and Company Units

  • One platform for all translation processes and language resources
  • Suitable for enterprises of all sizes and industries
  • Scalable from the starter solution for small needs to the enterprise installation for huge translation volumes

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Solutions for Translation Service Providers

Innovative Translation Technologies with Workflow Solutions

  • Collaboration with customers, freelance translators, and subcontractors on one platform
  • Step-by-step introduction: Lean starter solution for connecting one customer (with scaling option)
  • Across certification to deepen user skills

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Solutions for Translators

The Translator as the Key Element of the Value Chain

  • Computer-aided translation for efficient project handling
  • Basic or Premium Edition, depending on your requirements
  • Easy and direct communication with customers

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