Easy Project Handling Through Structured Translation Processes

Language service providers are well aware of the high administrative overhead associated with translation projects. The choice of a suitable translator, coordination with team members and customers by e-mail, or the management of correction processes cost your project managers a lot of time.

Through the automation of recurring work steps, the collaboration in a shared work environment, and the possibility to connect directly to third-party systems, Across assists you in streamlining your translation processes.

Translation Management

Efficient Translation Management Thanks to Automated Processes

Across combines the advantages of a CAT system with project and workflow control functions on a central platform. For optimum project handling, Across enables direct exchange with your customers from the outset. You can create a separate translation memory for each of your customers without any size limitation and differentiate the access rights of the parties involved in projects. Your translators do not need to export and import anything manually, as Across synchronizes the data automatically. Exchange formats enable the import of any existing translation memory and terminology data to the corresponding integrated Across databases.

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Terminology Management

Consistent Corporate Terminology for Every Client

"Wrench" or "Spanner"? Consistent terminology affects the external perception and reduces the need for clarification in the course of projects. If a standard term is determined, it only needs to be translated once.

The integrated Across terminology system shows your translators which terms they should prefer and which ones are undesirable in your customers' corporate communication. Owing to the central data storage, the corporate terminology also serves as a reference work. Specialized terms and related details are made accessible in order to reduce errors and correction loops.

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Authoring Assistance

Ensuring Consistent Translations Even While Composing the Source Text

Deviations from defined style rules, inconsistent terminology, wrong grammar, and spelling mistakes impair the quality of your source text and drastically increase the workload and cost of subsequent translations.

On the basis of defined rules and the reuse of text segments, the professional authoring assistance component for the Across Language Server ensures consistent, translation-oriented texts. In this way, authors can work more efficiently in their accustomed work environment and prepare the source texts as effectively as possible for the translation. The authoring assistance is available for all common text editors.

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