Professional Authoring Assistance with crossAuthor Linguistic

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As an additional component alongside Across, crossAuthor Linguistic provides you with useful tools for consistent, translation-oriented authoring. The authoring assistance is available for all common editors.


Deviations from defined style rules, inconsistent terminology, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes impair the quality of your source text and drastically increase the workload and cost of subsequent translations. As an additional component alongside the Across Language Server, crossAuthor Linguistic provides you with professional authoring assistance on the basis of defined rules and reuse of text segments. Your authors and translators thus work with the same uniform language resources and are able to deliver consistent, high-quality texts from the source text to the translation.

Professional Authoring Assistance with crossAuthor Linguistic

Main Components

Authoring Memory

The translation memory can also be used as authoring memory. Thanks to the direct connection to the Across Language Server, you can immediately see whether a particular wording is already available in several languages and whose reuse should therefore be preferred.

Terminology Component

The terminology component provides you with usage suggestions for specialized terms. Preventing an undesired variety of terms increases the consistency and comprehensibility of the texts and reduces translation costs.

Linguistic Check

The rule-based linguistic component checks the spelling, grammar, and even the style. For example, it is possible to determine the maximum sentence length, or how to consistently use the active/passive voice.



Apart from crossAuthor Linguistic, we also offer crossAuthor. crossAuthor offers functions for the reuse of sentences and terminology check without the linguistic component.

All functions of crossAuthor and crossAuthor Linguistic at a glance

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Together with our service providers, we can now make our translation processes much 'leaner' and more cost-efficient.

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